Production & Quality of Hamian Yaghout Azarbaijan Co.

Raisins Processing and Production

In the first stage of washing process the raisin is transferred to first screen by a spiral machinery in which it takes its pre-washing stage, too. Treating the grape with water in order to clean them off stone, chip and other foreign material. Washing process is performed in double stage in our plants. 3-6 ppm chlorine is contributed in washing water in order prevent microbial activities. The grapes being stored on wire mesh shelves after washing are left for resting 24 hours long.

In the production stages, raisins are double washed, elaborated, stemmed, capstemmed, brushed, sized, mechanically cleaned and then taken to Laser Sorting, Camera Sorting and X-Ray Scanner sections. With the help of latest technology available, impurities such as stalks, stems and stones are eliminated by laser scanners as well as X-Ray sorters. Several checks are carried out at critical points during the course of production.

All of the packed fruit is fully Metal detected and traceability is assured using bar-coding. The final product is stored in our own warehouses under tightly controlled conditions and are ready to shipment.

Quality Control and Certificates

HAMIAN YAGHOUT AZARBAIJAN CO. source their material directly from growers that they have worked with over many years. As part of our quality procedures, the factory has full control of the product from field to final delivery, within which they carry out physical, chemical and microbiological analyses at all of the required stages of the process. Our technical team is fully trained and updated in food processing procedures and controls as well as current legislative requirements.

Our company is committed to providing superior quality food ingredients that is safe and meets the expectations of international standards and regulations. We are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in all that produce and supply. We manufacture as per legal regulations, food safety conditions, customers’ requirements and market necessities.

Hamiyan Yaghout Azarbaijan Co. (Raisins 222) certified in accordance with strict internationally acknowledged standards like ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 10004:2018, HALAL, Prophylactic risk control (HACCP) and Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) are a part of our daily routine.

hamiyan yaghoutm raisins, 222, grape, bonab, golden raisins, sultana raisins
hamiyan yaghoutm raisins, 222, grape, bonab, golden raisins, sultana raisins
hamiyan yaghoutm raisins, 222, grape, bonab, golden raisins, sultana raisins

We Produce by the HIGH, LATEST and HYGIENIC Technology and Certified

ISO 9001, ISO 22000HACCP , ISO 10004 and HALAL by BQS – UK

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